Fcitx5 libime implementation of jyutping input method (tools)

This software provides a library that makes use of libime to implement jyutping (粵拼) input method. It also includes an engine for fcitx 5.


library for stochastic optimization problems (Python 3 bindings)

The STochastic OPTimization library (StOpt) aims at providing tools in C++ for solving some stochastic optimization problems encountered in finance or in the industry. Python 3 bindings are provided by this package in order to allow one to use the C++ library in a Python code.


Java classes to parse Time-Frequency Radio Catalogues

This package contains a parser and validator for the Time-Frequency Radio Catalogues standard, defined at It currently implements v1.0 of the standard.


Virtual GPS simulates GPS receiver

This package contains software that simulates a GPS receiver, which uses configurable geographic location.


Vulkan benchmarking tool

vkmark is an extensible Vulkan benchmarking suite with targeted, configurable scenes.


glTF loader and saver library

glTF (GL Transmission Format) is a royalty-free specification for the efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models by applications. TinyGLTF is a C++ implementation to load and save glTF data.