OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT

Full Java runtime environment - needed for executing Java GUI and Webstart programs, using Hotspot Zero.


PostgreSQL extension for ical object manipulation

The Greenbone Vulnerability Manager is the central management service between security scanners and the user clients.


PostgreSQL extension for automatic bloat cleanup

The pg_squeeze PostgreSQL extension removes unused space from a table and optionally sorts tuples according to particular index, as if the CLUSTER command was executed concurrently with regular reads/writes.


Have time-based replication delay for pglogical

A pglogical extension to get time-based replication delay for PostgreSQL 16.


PostgreSQL pl/pgsql Debugger API

This module is a set of shared libraries which implement an API for debugging pl/pgsql functions on PostgreSQL 8.4 and above. The pgAdmin project ( provides a client user interface as part of pgAdmin III v1.10.0 and above, and pgAdmin 4.


Open-source vector similarity search for Postgres

Supports exact and approximate nearest neighbor search for L2 distance, inner product, and cosine distance.