Google Fonts Tools

This project contains tools used for working with the Google Fonts collection, plus Google Fonts Glyph Set Documentation in the /encodings subdirectory. While these tools are primarily intended for contributors to the Google Fonts project, anyone who works with fonts could find them useful.


generate backwards-compatible, static instances of variable fonts

This (Variable Font Instancing Tool) allows you to generate custom, static instances of a variable font defined in a configuration file.


Applies STAT information from a Stylespace to a variable font

statmake takes a user-written Stylespace that defines OpenType STAT information for an entire font family and then (potentially subsets and) applies it to a specific variable font. This spares users from having to deal with raw TTX dumps and juggling with nameIDs.


API for evaluating language support in the Google Fonts collection

This Python module provides an API with data about languages/regions/scripts for use in the language-support categorization of the font families in the Google Fonts collection.


GNU R support of 'Font Awesome' Icons

Easily and flexibly insert 'Font Awesome' icons into 'R Markdown' documents and 'Shiny' apps. These icons can be inserted into HTML content through inline 'SVG' tags or 'i' tags. There is also a utility function for exporting 'Font Awesome' icons as 'PNG' images for those situations where raster graphics are needed.


Library for handling OpenType Font - runtime

The libotf library provides the following facilities: - Read Open Type Layout Tables from OTF file. Currently these tables are supported; head, name, cmap, GDEF, GSUB, and GPOS. - Convert a Unicode character sequence to a glyph code sequence by using the above tables.