Library for handling OpenType Font - runtime

The libotf library provides the following facilities: - Read Open Type Layout Tables from OTF file. Currently these tables are supported; head, name, cmap, GDEF, GSUB, and GPOS. - Convert a Unicode character sequence to a glyph code sequence by using the above tables.


Ben's Own Graphics Library - font tools

Ben's Own Graphics Library is a small framebuffer library, including basic widgets, support for text in multiple languages, and mouse handling.


C++ library that conveniently enables the use of Fork Awesome in Qt

Qt ForkAwesome is a C++ library that conveniently enables the use of Fork Awesome in Qt applications. Qt ForkAwesome enumerates and encodes Fork Awesome as Qt resources, it provides an 'enum' of the icon-font definitions, and it enables font glyphs to be used in cases where Qt requires traditional icons. Qt ForkAwesome uses FreeType to render, hint, and antialias icon-fonts.


Java library to embed graphics as vector drawing in a PDF

Using this library one can use any Graphics2D API based SVG / graph / chart library to embed those graphics as vector drawing in a PDF. In combination with PDFBox PDFRenderer/PageDrawer one can also "rerender" PDF pages and change certain aspects (e.g. change the color mapping and perform an overfill) .


unified and automatic theming for GNU R

This package provides unified and automatic 'Theming' of 'ggplot2', 'lattice', and 'base' R Graphics Theme 'ggplot2', 'lattice', and 'base' graphics based on a few choices, including foreground color, background color, accent color, and font family. Fonts that aren't available on the system, but are available via download on 'Google Fonts', can be automatically downloaded, cached, and registered for use with the 'showtext' and 'ragg' packages.


Fast, simple and flexible GUI - OpenGL3 interface

MyGUI is a GUI library which aims to be fast, flexible and simple GUIs in C++. Features include Layout Editor. Multicolour text. Per pixel cut. Changing alpha support for widgets (also in states configuration). Interface localisation. Fast RTTI for safe casts. Tool tips. Animated cursors and pictures. User xml resources. Truetype fonts and fonts from texture. Widgets controllers (moving, fading and so on). Flexible configuration in xml config file. Subskins with tiling, with direct access to texture. Possibility to store any data in widgets items. Skin themes. Wrappers for fast UI development. Drag'n'drop.