simple and modern ebook viewer

Foliate is an ebook reader with many features:


Emacs major mode for editing Inform 6 source

‘inform-mode’ is an Emacs major mode for editing source code in the Inform 6 programming language.


additional addons for QtGui

Qt widgets for colours, fonts and text


Simple terminal emulator based on Kernel Mode Setting

kmscon is a system console for Linux. It does not depend on any graphics-server on your system (like, but instead provides a raw console layer that can be used independently. It can replace the Linux kernel console entirely but was designed to work well side-by-side, too. Even though initially targeted at providing internationalization to the system-console, it has grown into a fully modularized console layer including features like multi-head support, internationalized font rendering, XKB-compatible keyboard handling, hardware-accelerated graphics access and more.