Elegant, powerful, clean dock


Elegant, powerful, clean dock

A full fledged dock application that makes opening common applications and managing windows easier and quicker. Docky is fully integrated into the GNOME Desktop and features a no nonsense approach to configuration and usage. It just works.
GNOME Terminal running Debian 9


GNOME terminal emulator application

GNOME Terminal is a terminal emulation application that you can use to perform the following actions: - Access a UNIX shell in the GNOME environment. - Run any application that is designed to run on VT102, VT220, and xterm terminals.
manage and configure disk drives and media


manage and configure disk drives and media

GNOME Disks is a tool to manage disk drives and media:
banshee on xfce4.12 and debian 9, nice piece of software for music lovers


Media Management and Playback application

Banshee is a media management and playback application for the GNOME desktop, allowing users to import audio from CDs, search their library, create playlists of selections of their library, sync music to/from iPods and other media devices, play and manage video files and burn selections to a CD.
configuration applets for the Cinnamon desktop


configuration applets for the Cinnamon desktop

This package contains configuration applets for the Cinnamon desktop, allowing to set the date and time, regional settings, network configuration, screen resolution, and other Cinnamon parameters.
Drop down Terminal Window


Drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment

Guake is a drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment, so you just need to press a key to invoke him, and press again to hide. Guake supports hotkeys, tabs, background transparent, etc.