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Hotline interface module for Perl
Net::Hotline contains an interface to write programs that connect to Hotline servers. Hotline is a set of protocols allowing chat, news, and file transfers. Any user can run his/her own server and register it with a public tracker, which is a meta-server that users can access to obtain a list of registered servers and connect to them.
drag and drop module for Angularjs
lrDragNDrop is a drag and drop module for Angularjs which allows one to drag items from one collection and drop to another one; or reorder the items within the same collection. . It is "item oriented" which imply: * the directives must be used with the standard ngRepeat directive * "adorners" can be added * works only with non empty collections
benchmark System for OpenStack - command line and configuration
Rally is a Benchmark-as-a-Service project for OpenStack. . Rally is intended to provide the community with a benchmarking tool that is capable of performing specific, complicated and reproducible test cases on real deployment scenarios. . This package contains the command line and configuration file.
OpenStack Fuel deployment server - Fencing agent
Fuel is an open source deployment and management tool for OpenStack. Developed as an OpenStack community effort, it provides an intuitive, GUI-driven experience for deployment and management of OpenStack, related community projects and plug-ins. . Fuel brings consumer-grade simplicity to streamline and accelerate the otherwise time-consuming, often complex, and error-prone process of deploying, testing and maintaining various configuration flavors of OpenStack at scale. Unlike other platform-specific deployment or management utilities, Fuel is an upstream OpenStack project that focuses on automating the deployment and testing of OpenStack and a range of third-party options, so it’s not compromised by hard bundling or vendor lock-in. . Nailgun is the core part of a Fuel master node server. It consists of a REST API server (nailgun-api), and a web interface (nailgun-web). . This package contains the fencing agent.
Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (hard float ABI)
Sorry - no description available.
module to convert POD to the Markdown file format
Pod::Markdown is a Perl module that parses Plain Old Documentation (POD) and converts it into the Markdown text format. It subclasses Pod::Parser, so it supports all of its commands, too. . Markdown is a markup language to convert structured text into (X)HTML. Its main design goal is to make the input text as readable as possible. For this, the syntax is highly inspired by the format of plain text email. Markdown supports features like headers, *emphasis*, code blocks, blockquotes and links. For maximum flexibility, it also allows embedding HTML tags, both within paragraphs (eg. <span>), and at block level (<div>, <table>).