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GNU R package for biological structure analysis
The bio3d package contains utilities to process, organize and explore protein structure, sequence and dynamics data. Features include the ability to read and write structure, sequence and dynamic trajectory data, perform atom summaries, atom selection, re-orientation, superposition, rigid core identification, clustering, torsion analysis, distance matrix analysis, structure and sequence conservation analysis, and principal component analysis (PCA). In addition, various utility functions are provided to enable the statistical and graphical power of the R environment to work with biological sequence and structural data.
LALR(1) parser generator oriented to Java/CLI
Sorry - no description available.
time-series data storage and display system (Ruby interfaces)
The Round Robin Database Tool (RRDtool) is a system to store and display time-series data (e.g. network bandwidth, machine-room temperature, server load average). It stores the data in Round Robin Databases (RRDs), a very compact way that will not expand over time. RRDtool processes the extracted data to enforce a certain data density, allowing for useful graphical representation of data values. . This package contains a Ruby interfaces to RRDs.
UFO: Alien Invasion -- developer tools
It is the year 2084. You control a secret organisation charged with defending Earth from a brutal alien enemy. Build up your bases, prepare your team, and dive head-first into the fast and flowing turn-based combat. . This package contains developer tools for UFO: Alien Invasion. . * ufo2map * ufomodel * ufoslicer
annotate PacBio sequencing reads with barcode information
The pbbarcode package provides tools for annotating PacBio sequencing reads with barcode information. Typically, pbbarcode is called in context of a SMRTPipe workflow as opposed to directly on the command line, however, users are encouraged to utilize the command-line utility directly, as more options are available. . This package is part of the SMRTAnalysis suite.
Astronomical data analysis frameworks
This metapackage will install large astronomical data analysis frameworks, which usually provide their own script language.