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Pager for the blackbox and fluxbox window managers
A pager tool for the Blackbox window manager or one of its derivatives. It supports the usual Blackbox styles, moving windows between desktops, and optional placement in the Blackbox slit. It is also possible to define how the desktops are displayed by defining the number of rows or columns to use.
simulator for spiking neural networks -- extensions
Brian is a clock-driven simulator for spiking neural networks. . This package provides Python binary extensions.
GMOD Generic Genome Browser
Generic Genome Browser is a simple but highly configurable web-based genome browser. It is a component of the Generic Model Organism Systems Database project (GMOD). Some of its features: * Simultaneous bird's eye and detailed views of the genome; * Scroll, zoom, center; * Attach arbitrary URLs to any annotation; * Order and appearance of tracks are customizable by administrator and end-user; * Search by annotation ID, name, or comment; * Supports third party annotation using GFF formats; * Settings persist across sessions; * DNA and GFF dumps; * Connectivity to different databases, including BioSQL and Chado; * Multi-language support; * Third-party feature loading; * Customizable plug-in architecture (e.g. run BLAST, dump & import many formats, find oligonucleotides, design primers, create restriction maps, edit features).
audio streaming language -- Theora plugin
Liquidsoap is a powerful tool for building complex audio streaming systems, typically targeting internet radios (e.g. icecast streams). . It consists of a simple script language, in which you can create, combine and transform audio sources. Its design makes liquidsoap flexible and easily extensible. . This package provides support for ogg/theora video decoding and encoding in Liquidsoap.
Tool to automatically generate the Java and JNI code
Gluegen reads as input ANSI C header files and separate configuration files which provide control over many aspects of the glue code generation. GlueGen uses a complete ANSI C parser and an internal representation (IR) capable of representing all C types to represent the APIs for which it generates interfaces. It has the ability to perform significant transformations on the IR before glue code emission. GlueGen is currently powerful enough to bind even low-level APIs such as the Java Native Interface (JNI) and the AWT Native Interface (JAWT) back up to the Java programming language. . This package contains some Java sources necessary to build gluegen-based packages.
dockable Mandelbrot fractal browser
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