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UUID/GUID library for Emacs Lisp
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libvirt GLib and GObject mapping library
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Dict client for emacs
DictEm implements all functions of the client part of Dictionary Server Protocol(DICT) protocol (RFC-2229,, i.e looking up words and definitions, obtaining information about available strategies, provided databases, information about DICT server etc. . It uses autocompletion that is used for selecting dictionary and search strategy. Moreover, DictEm provides several hooks which may be used for buffer postprocessing.
compression utility for dictionary databases
This package provides a utility to compress dictionary databases with the LZ77 algorithm in a manner which is completely compatible with gzip(1), but using an extension that allows for random access to chunks of about 57kB without the overhead of decompressing the entire file. . This package also includes dictunzip, to decompress dictzipped files, and dictzcat, for viewing dictzipped files.
Utilities to help with style and diction (English and German)
This is a free implementation of two Unix commands, style and diction. They may help you improve your writing. English and German rules are included. . Home Page:
German-English translation dictionary for dictd
German-English and English-Deutsch translation dictionary for the dictd server. It contains approximately 345,000 entries. . The source of the database is available from