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Intel Cilk Plus language extensions (x32)
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gnuradio comedi instrument control functions
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password change server for Eudora and NUPOP
This package provides a daemon for changing passwords on POP mail accounts, a feature common to Eudora and other MacOS/Win32 mail user agents. This feature is also commonly used for TCP loopback password changing from web scripting languages like PHP or Perl, so that the webserver process doesn't need to be run as root (on in the shadow group). . This version of poppassd changes passwords via PAM (as opposed to other versions of the same daemon that used the newusers(8) application to change passwords), allowing for great flexibility.
GNU R package for diagnostic checking in linear models
This package provides a collection of tests, data sets and examples for diagnostic checking in linear regression models.
OpenStack Fuel deployment server - Fencing agent
Fuel is an open source deployment and management tool for OpenStack. Developed as an OpenStack community effort, it provides an intuitive, GUI-driven experience for deployment and management of OpenStack, related community projects and plug-ins. . Fuel brings consumer-grade simplicity to streamline and accelerate the otherwise time-consuming, often complex, and error-prone process of deploying, testing and maintaining various configuration flavors of OpenStack at scale. Unlike other platform-specific deployment or management utilities, Fuel is an upstream OpenStack project that focuses on automating the deployment and testing of OpenStack and a range of third-party options, so it’s not compromised by hard bundling or vendor lock-in. . Nailgun is the core part of a Fuel master node server. It consists of a REST API server (nailgun-api), and a web interface (nailgun-web). . This package contains the fencing agent.
Open Web Services Manager
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