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Emacs Python Development Environment
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differential equation solver (SUNDIALS library)
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gnuradio pager radio functions
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weblog manager
WordPress is a full featured web blogging tool: * Instant publishing (no rebuilding) * Comment pingback support with spam protection * Non-crufty URLs * Themable * Plugin support
PEAR channels for various projects
This package provides the PEAR channel registry entries for various projects: * Andrewsville * Apache log4php, oodt and zetacomponents * ApiGen * AWS * Depend * Doctrine * Dropbox * Guzzle * eZ Enterprise components * Horde * HTML Purifier * Kukulich * Mess Detector * Michel Fortin * Netpirates * Nette * nikic * phpDocumentor * Phing * PHPUnit * Propel ORM * Symfony (versions 1 and 2) * Texy * Twig . PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. A PEAR channel is a website that provides package for download and a few extra meta-information for files.
GNU R Tensor product of arrays
The tensor product of two arrays is notionally an outer product of the arrays collapsed in specific extents by summing along the appropriate diagonals.