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Module for exporting PCP metrics to Zabbix agent
Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) module for exporting metrics from PCP to Zabbix via the Zabbix agent - see zbxpcp(3) for further details.
software for Pacific Biosciences sequencing data
The PBSuite contains two projects created for analysis of Pacific Biosciences long-read sequencing data. * PBJelly - genome upgrading tool * PBHoney - structural variation discovery
Tool for exporting data from PCP to Graphite
Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) front-end tool for exporting data from PCP into designated Graphite (Carbon/Whisper) databases.
genome assembly upgrading tool
PBJelly is a highly automated pipeline that aligns long sequencing reads (such as PacBio RS reads or long 454 reads in fasta format) to high-confidence draft assembles. PBJelly fills or reduces as many captured gaps as possible to produce upgraded draft genomes. . PBJelly is part of the PBSuite.
additional utilities for the pbsuite
PBBanana contains some assembly and consensus utilities for the PBSuite. * OLCAssembly - A shortcut to calling pacbio's Allora Assembler * Polish - A quick consensus caller * PBJNovo - DeNovo Assembler of PacBio only reads . This package is intended for use internally by the PBSuite
toolkit for panoramic image creation and projection mapping
Extended View Toolkit is a set of Pure Data (Pd) abstractions for combining multiple video or image sources into a panoramic image and for projection setups with multiple projectors or projection environments with challenging geometric forms, better known as video mapping. . Multiple input media (e.g. camera input, video files, image files, 3D renderings) can be processed. It is possible to create imagery or video by either stitching multiple inputs to one continuous, or by unwrapping a 360-degree image taken with a special optical lens system. Such processed media input can then be projected onto even irregular shaped surfaces. It is possible to blend smoothly between multiple projectors, to create seamless immersive media environments.