Example to fix typos in the current folder


Tool for fixing common misspellings, typos in source code

Utility to fix common misspellings, typos in source code. There are lots of typical misspellings in program code. Typically they are more eye-catching in the living code but they can easily hide in comments, examples, samples, notes and documentation. With this utility you can fix a large number of them very quickly.
Image Polygonal Annotation with Python, examples


Image Polygonal Annotation with Python, examples

This is a graphical image annotation tool inspired by http://labelme.csail.mit.edu. It is written in Python and uses Qt for its graphical interface.
QT based YUV player with an advanced analytic toolset


QT based YUV player with an advanced analytic toolset

YUView is a YUV image player and analysis tool. However, it can do so much more: * simple navigation/zooming in the video * support for a wide variety of YUV formats using various subsamplings and bit depts * support for raw RGB files, image files and image sequences * direct decoding of raw h.265/HEVC bitstreams with visualization of internals like prediction modes and motion vectors and many more * interface with visualization for the reference software decoders HM and JEM * support for opening almost any file using FFmpeg * image comparison using side-by-side and comparison view * calculation and display of differences (in YUV or RGB colorspace) * save and load playlists * overlay the video with statistics data
Searching for MealMaster recipes


Recipe management software

AnyMeal is a free recipe management software developed using SQLite3 and Qt5. It can manage a cookbook with more than 250000 MealMaster recipes, thereby allowing to import, export, search, display, edit, and print them.
ReplaySorcery Window


Graphical UI to help manage Vulkan / OpenGL overlays

GOverlay can configure Vulkan / OpenGL overlays with a preview. Currently supported are MangoHud, vkBasalt and ReplaySorcery.
Thunar extension for Font Manager


Thunar extension for Font Manager

Font Manager is intended to provide a way for average users to easily manage desktop fonts, without having to resort to command line tools or editing configuration files by hand. While designed primarily with the GNOME Desktop Environment in mind, it should work well with other Gtk+ desktop environments.