KhmerOS Unicode fonts for the Khmer language of Cambodia


generic font configuration library - configuration

Fontconfig is a font configuration and customization library, which does not depend on the X Window System. It is designed to locate fonts within the system and select them according to requirements specified by applications.


Japanese TrueType font, Ume-font

Umefont is Japanese TrueType font, it consists of below fonts * Ume Gothic (Original, O5, C4, C5, S4, S5) * Ume P Gothic (Original, O5, C4, C5, S4, S5) * Ume UI Gothic (Original, O5) * Ume Mincho (Original, S3) * Ume P Mincho (Original, S3) * Ume Hy Gothis


TrueType font designed for Arabic language

This package provides a TrueType font designed for Arabic by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia.


metapackage to pull in all Noto fonts

Noto is a collection of font families, each visually harmonized across scripts.


console font and keymap setup program

This package provides the console with the same keyboard configuration scheme as the X Window System. As a result, there is no need to duplicate or change the keyboard files just to make simple customizations such as the use of dead keys, the key functioning as AltGr or Compose key, the key(s) to switch between Latin and non-Latin mode, etc.