custom vector fonts


Web browser running in both graphics and text mode

Links is a graphics and text mode WWW browser, similar to Lynx. It displays tables, frames, downloads on background, uses HTTP/1.1 keepalive connections. In graphics mode it displays PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and XBM pictures, runs external bindings on other types, and features anti-aliased font, smooth image zooming, 48-bit dithering, and gamma and aspect ratio correction.
monospace font for pretty code listings and for the terminal


monospace font for pretty code listings and for the terminal

Inconsolata is a monospace font, designed for code listings and the like, in print. There are a great many "programmer fonts," designed primarily for use on the screen, but in most cases do not have the attention to detail for high resolution rendering.
Simple font preview and compare application for GNOME


Simple font preview and compare application for GNOME

A simple tool to view and compare fonts installed on your system. It has currently following features,
DOS Emulator for Linux


DOS Emulator for Linux

DOSEMU is a PC Emulator application that allows Linux to run a DOS operating system in a virtual x86 machine. This allows you to run many DOS applications. - Color text and full keyboard emulation (via hotkeys) via terminal. - Built-in X support, includes IBM character set font. - Graphics capability at the console with most compatible video cards. - DPMI support so you can run DOOM. - CDROM support. - Builtin IPX and pktdrvr support.
New Fonty-Python ver. 0.5.1


Find, view and manage font files of all kinds

You can quickly view and filter arbitrary TTF, TTC, OTF or Type1 font files and then gather them together into 'pogs' which can be installed or removed as needed. In this way you control which fonts are installed on a per-project basis. It is written in Python and WxWidgets.
pdfannotextractor --debug "file.pdf"


TeX Live: LaTeX additional packages

A very large collection of add-on packages for LaTeX.