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Interactively debug regular expressions
This Tcl script shows the result of running a regular expression, making debugging relatively easy. It also assists in the construction of regular expressions.
transitional dummy package for elpa-agda2-mode
agda-mode has been ELPAfied. See the elpa-agda2-mode package. This transitional package is safe to remove.
Code generation tools
Sorry - no description available.
POP3 mail retriever - with GNOME keyring support
mpop is a fast and simple fetchmail replacement to retrieve mail from POP3 servers. Its main features are header based mail filtering, multiple authentication methods, TLS encrypted connections or delivery. . There are a few things mpop can do that fetchmail can't or that it does better: - mpop never ever tries to parse mail information except for the envelope-from address, which is the bare minimum that it has to do. - mpop never ever alters mail messages except for adding a "Received" header, which is the bare minimum that it has to do. - mpop uses several techniques (including pipelining) to reduce the POP3 protocol overhead. It is therefore much faster than fetchmail. - By default, mpop stores the mail UIDs (unique ids) in one file per account. You can poll different mail accounts in parallel. - The progress output is nicer ;-) - You can pipe the headers of a mail through a filter that decides if the mail should be downloaded, skipped, or deleted. This allows one to delete junk mail from a POP3 server without downloading the entire message. - mpop can deliver mails directly to mbox and maildir mail folders. . This package is compiled with GSASL and TLS/SSL support, and additionally with GNOME keyring support.
Example/test binaries using MUMPS
MUMPS implements a direct solver for large sparse linear systems, with a particular focus on symmetric positive definite matrices. It can operate on distributed matrices e.g. over a cluster. It has Fortran and C interfaces, and can interface with ordering tools such as Scotch.
advanced Phonon Xine configuration
Sorry - no description available.