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Lohit TrueType font for Bengali Language
This package provides Lohit TrueType font for Bengali language which is primarily used in Indian state of Bengal.
Zope Broken Object Interfaces
Sorry - no description available.
module for database connection caching and organization
Ima::DBI attempts to organize and facilitate caching and more efficient use of database connections and statement handles. . One of the things that can be annoying about writing large programs with DBI is making sure that you do not have duplicate database handles open. There is also the issue of the somewhat wasteful nature of the prepare/execute/finish route that users tend to go through. . The new DBI->connect_cached and DBI->prepare_cached help a lot, but you still have to throw around global information about the data source, username and password. . So, after a while the author grew a small library of DBI helper routines and techniques. Ima::DBI is the culmination of all this, put into a nice(?), clean(?) class to be inherited from.
column approximate minimum degree ordering library for sparse matrices
Sorry - no description available.
like ref() but useful
Scalar::Does provides a "does()" built-in. . A check that "ref($thing) eq 'ARRAY'" doesn't allow you to accept an object that uses overloading to provide an array-like interface. . This package also includes IO::Detect, for detecting if a scalar is a filehandle (or something filehandle-like).
Boost.Iostreams Library
Sorry - no description available.