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Japanese Morphological Analysis System (shared libraries)
Sorry - no description available.
RFC 3986 compliant replacement for urlparse (Python 3)
This module defines RFC 3986 compliant replacements for the most commonly used functions of the Python 2.7 Standard Library urlparse and Python 3 urllib.parse modules. . For various reasons, the Python 2 urlparse module is not compliant with current Internet standards, does not include Unicode support, and is generally unusable with proprietary URI schemes. Python 3's urllib.parse improves on Unicode support, but the other issues still remain. . This module aims to provide fully RFC 3986 compliant replacements for some commonly used functions found in urlparse and urllib.parse, plus additional functions for conveniently composing URIs from their individual components.
GNU C++ compiler (multilib support)
This is the GNU C++ compiler, a fairly portable optimizing compiler for C++. . This is a dependency package, depending on development packages for the non-default multilib architecture(s).
proxy to simulate network and system conditions
Toxiproxy is a framework for simulating network conditions. It's made specifically to work in testing, CI and development environments, supporting deterministic tampering with connections, but with support for randomized chaos and customization. Toxiproxy is the tool you need to prove with tests that your application doesn't have single points of failure . This package contains the server.
GNU C++ compiler
This is the GNU C++ compiler, a fairly portable optimizing compiler for C++. . This package contains C++ cross-compiler for ppc64 architecture.
Open H.265 video codec implementation
Sorry - no description available.