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GCC support library (32 bit Version)
Shared version of the support library, a library of internal subroutines that GCC uses to overcome shortcomings of particular machines, or special needs for some languages. . This package contains files for sparc64 architecture, for use in cross-compile environment.
Copies disks, partitions and files.
Copies files. Is specialized for cases where the source and/or destination is a storage device. Optionally can use a pass-through interface to issue SCSI READ and WRITE commands. Various sparse file and device handling options. Similar to and an extension of the Unix dd command. Also supports two variants of SCSI copy offload: xcopy(LID1) and the disk->disk subset of xcopy(LID4) known as ODX.
Gesture Recognition And Instantiation Library - test tools
This library consists of an interface and tools for handling gesture recognition and gesture instantiation. Applications can use the grail callbacks to receive gesture primitives and raw input events from the underlying kernel device. . This package provides some test tools for the grail library.
Fast Azimuthal Integration scripts - Python3
PyFAI is a Python library for azimuthal integration; it allows the conversion of diffraction images taken with 2D detectors like CCD cameras into X-Ray powder patterns that can be used by other software like Rietveld refinement tools (i.e. FullProf), phase analysis or texture analysis. . As PyFAI is a library, its main goal is to be integrated in other tools like PyMca, LiMa or EDNA. To perform online data analysis, the precise description of the experimental setup has to be known. This is the reason why PyFAI includes geometry optimization code working on "powder rings" of reference samples. Alternatively, PyFAI can also import geometries fitted with other tools like Fit2D. . PyFAI has been designed to work with any kind of detector with any geometry (transmission, reflection, off-axis, ...). It uses the Python library FabIO to read most images taken by diffractometer. . This is the Python 3 version of the package.
Source of the GNU Compiler Collection
Sorry - no description available.
OpenStack orchestration service - Python files
Heat is a service to orchestrate multiple composite cloud applications using templates, through both an OpenStack-native ReST API and a CloudFormation-compatible Query API. . This package contains the Python libraries.