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microlens + array, bytestring, containers, transformers; profiling libraries
Use this package instead of microlens if you don't mind depending on all dependencies here – Lens.Micro.GHC reexports everything from Lens.Micro and additionally provides orphan instances of microlens classes for packages coming with GHC (array, bytestring, containers, transformers). . The minor and major versions of microlens-ghc are incremented whenever the minor and major versions of microlens are incremented, so you can depend on the exact version of microlens-ghc without specifying the version of microlens you need. . This package provides a library for the Haskell programming language, compiled for profiling. See for more information on Haskell.
Nepomuk Semantik Desktop widgets library
Sorry - no description available.
simple client library of OpenStack Swift for python3
This tool is simple client library of OpenStack Swift for python3. This tool is intended to be used in the module and Python script other. The main purpose of this tool is used as a core module for backup tool.
Default settings for Ubuntu MATE
Sorry - no description available.
Percona Server database server binaries
Sorry - no description available.
streaming deserializer for MessagePack
Data::MessagePack::Stream is an alternative to Data::MessagePack::Unpacker. Unlike the original unpacker, this module supports internal buffer and it's possible to handle streaming data correctly.