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GNOME application to convert audio files into other formats
SoundConverter is a simple sound converter application for the GNOME environment. It reads sound files in any format supported by GStreamer and outputs them in Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, or WAV format, or MP3 format if you have the GStreamer LAME plugin.
audio converter frontend for KDE
soundKonverter is a frontend to various audio converters. . The key features are: - Audio conversion - Replay Gain calculation - CD ripping . soundKonverter supports reading and writing tags for many formats, so the tags are preserved when converting files. . See README.Debian for more information on supported formats.
Query OpenCL system information
OpenCL (Open Computing Language) is a multivendor open standard for general-purpose parallel programming of heterogeneous systems that include CPUs, GPUs and other processors. . This package contains a tool that queries the capabilities of the available OpenCL drivers.
Python module to handle Astronomy Visualization Metadata Standard
PyAVM is a module to represent, read, and write metadata following the Astronomy Visualization Metadata (AVM) standard. With pyavm you can: -Parse AVM meta-data from an existing image. -Access and Set the metadata. -Create an AVM object from scratch. -Convert to a WCS object. -Initialize from a FITS header. -Initialize from a WCS object.
Ruby/Tk for Ruby 2.1
Sorry - no description available.
Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep
AClock is an analog clock with display of smooth seconds. It stays in the dock. The display is customizable: . * Seconds hand and its ticking rate * Arabic or Roman numbers, AM/PM * Shadows * Colors of the elements * Alarm and ringing