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graphical tool to browse and edit PyTables and HDF5 files
ViTables is a component of the PyTables family. It is a graphical tool for browsing and editing files in both PyTables and HDF5 formats. . ViTables capabilities include easy navigation through the data hierarchy, displaying of real data and its associated metadata, a simple, yet powerful, browsing of multidimensional data and much more. . One of the greatest strengths of ViTables is its ability to display very large tables. Tables with one thousand millions of rows (and beyond) are navigated stunningly fast and with very low memory requirements. So, if you ever need to browse very large tables, don't hesitate, ViTables is your choice.
set of wallpapers for the KDE Plasma Workspaces
This package contains additional wallpapers for KDE Plasma Workspaces. It is a part of the official KDE Wallpapers module.
simulator for geometrical optics
optgeo is a program to plot the movement of rays through an optic equipment. Many pieces, like lenses, mirrors, curved mirrors can be assembled.
Transitional package.
Sorry - no description available.
Perl module to provide a unified approach to tracing
A module to provide a unified approach to tracing. A script can use Log::Trace qw( < mode > ) to set the behaviour of the TRACE function. . By default, the trace functions are exported to the calling package only. You can export the trace functions to other packages with the "Deep" option. See "OPTIONS" for more information. . All exports are in uppercase (to minimise collisions with "real" functions).
email contents test module
Test::Email provides tests for email contents; it is a subclass of MIME::Entity with header_is, body_is, or _ok or _like and part_ok, mime_type_ok methods. Tests for equality remove trailing newlines from strings before testing. Some mail messages have newlines appended to them during the mailing process, which could cause unnecessary confusion. . This package also provides Test::POP3 to automate email delivery tests.