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rack middleware for enforcing rewrite rules
A rack middleware for enforcing rewrite rules. In many cases you can get away with rack-rewrite instead of writing Apache mod_rewrite rules. . Use Cases - Rebuild of existing site in a new technology - Retire old routes - CNAME alternative - Site Maintenance
dependency resolution and repository handling library for Clojure
pomegranate provides a Clojure interface to sonatype-aether. It supports the following features from Aether: . *Dependency resolution and common dependency graph/hierarchy manipulation operations. *Local installation of artifacts. *Remote deployment. *Repository authentication. *HTTP proxy configuration. *Offline mode. . It also allows provides dynamic inclusion of libraries in the classpath whether the libraries are installed or have to be retrieved from a repository.
Qt 5 Quick Templates 2 library
Sorry - no description available.
lightweight messaging kernel (development files)
Sorry - no description available.
Guile numerical arrays and tensor extension
Sorry - no description available.
multiplayer scrabble implementation written in Python - client part
PyScrabble is an online, multiplayer implementation of the popular word game written in Python and featuring: . * chat and private messaging (online as well as offline) * player rankings and server statistics * use of ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark LExicon) for English word lookup * timed games . The following languages are supported: . * English * Finnish * French * German * Serbian . This package contains the client program. . Notice: Scrabble is a registered trademark belonging to Hasbro Inc in the US, and to J.W. Spear & Sons Ltd., a subsidiary of Mattel Inc., throughout the rest of the world. Neither the author, Debian, nor this game are affiliated with the Scrabble Crossword Game, Hasbro, Spear & Sons or Mattel in any fashion.