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common interface to get the titles of things on the web
URI::Title allows one to get titles of things on the web in a sensible way, it aims to provide a single interface to get the titles of html pages and different type of files like mp3, pdf, word document, etc.
module for simulating and testing network calls
Test::LWP::UserAgent useful for testing PSGI applications, for simulating a server so as to test client code, route some or all requests through the network as normal, but still gain the hooks provided by this class to test what was sent and received. . Note that LWP::UserAgent itself is not monkey-patched - use this module (or a subclass) to send request, or it cannot be caught and processed.
Perl module for handling IRC connections
AnyEvent::IRC is a Perl module that can be conceptualized as a toolbox for handling Internet Relay Chat (IRC) connections and communications. It won't do everything for you, and you still need to have a basic understanding of the internal protocol.
music files for Secret Maryo Chronicles
Sorry - no description available.
Tryton Application Platform (Sale Price List Module)
Tryton is a high-level general purpose application platform. It is the base of a complete business solution as well as a comprehensive health and hospital information system (GNUHealth). . This module adds the possibility to define price lists on parties and sale orders.
Configuration settings for Plasma Active
Sorry - no description available.