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module to add/extend SSL support for common perl modules
Some commonly used perl modules don't have SSL support at all, even if the protocol would support it. Others have SSL support, but most of them don't do proper checking of the servers certificate. . The Net::SSLGlue::* modules try to add SSL support or proper certificate to these modules.
Salut à Toi XMPP-based communication and sharing tool (console interface)
Salut à Toi (French for "hello you") is a multi-frontends, multi-purposes communication tool, based on the XMPP standard. It features: * instant messaging * microblogging * file sharing * games * group permissions (share what you want with the people you choose) * interaction with other networks (IRC, StatusNet, other XMPP networks) * email client access (use your favorite mail user agent (MUA) to communicate on the supported networks) * extensible design . This package contains Primitivus, Salut à Toi's interactive console interface (curse-based).
Perl-specific system for writing Asynchronous web applications
CGI::Ajax is an object-oriented module that provides a unique mechanism for using Perl code asynchronously from JavaScript-enhanced HTML pages. CGI::Ajax unburdens the user from having to write extensive JavaScript, except for associating an exported method with a document-defined event (such as onClick, onKeyUp, etc.). CGI::Ajax also mixes well with HTML containing more complex JavaScript. . CGI::Ajax supports methods that return single results or multiple results to the web page, and supports returning values to multiple DIV elements on the HTML page. . Using CGI::Ajax, the URL for the HTTP GET/POST request is automatically generated based on HTML layout and events, and the page is then dynamically updated with the output from the perl function. Additionally, CGI::Ajax supports mapping URL's to a CGI::Ajax function name, so you can separate your code processing over multiple scripts. . A primary goal of CGI::Ajax is to keep the module streamlined and maximally flexible. We are trying to keep the generated javascript code to a minimum, but still provide users with a variety of methods for deploying CGI::Ajax. And VERY little user JavaScript.
Configuration management client
Bcfg2 is a configuration management system that generates configuration sets for clients bound by client profiles. bcfg2 is the client portion of bcfg2 system which installs configuration images provided by bcfg2-server
automatic deletion of expired CGI sessions
CGI::Session::ExpireSessions is designed to expire old sessions produced by the CGI::Session module. The module can correctly remove sessions stored upon the filesystem, and inside MySQL databases.
Google Docs WebApp for Prism
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