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TrueType Font from cwTeX - Yen
These cwttf TrueType fonts are transformed from cwTeX Traditional Chinese Type 1 fonts, and merge Alexej Kryukov's CM-LGC font and Koanughi Un's Un-Fonts.
simple window manager for emacs
This is an implementation of introducing window management to Emacs. * Management of list of editable buffers * Assignment of windows for pop-up buffers * Switching window layout like the perspective in eclipse * Plug-in extension . The current implementation has following perspectives: * code : main coding layout * two : side by side layout * doc : reading documentation layout * dashboard : showing plug-ins like dashboard in Mac OSX * array : selecting buffers like expose in Mac OSX
Thin client monitor for TCOS
Sorry - no description available.
PostgreSQL provider for libgda database abstraction library
libgda is a (relatively small) database abstraction/access library integrated on the GLib object model. It can be used as a metadata extractor, to get information about all database objects in a common way, and as an ODBC-like wrapper to access data in different engines through an easier API. . This package contains the provider needed to access PostgreSQL databases through libgda.
Python 3 bindings for gobject-introspection libraries
GObject is an abstraction layer that allows programming with an object paradigm that is compatible with many languages. It is a part of Glib, the core library used to build GTK+ and GNOME. . This package contains the Python 3 binding generator for libraries that support gobject-introspection, i. e. which ship a gir1.2-<name>-<version> package. With these packages, the libraries can be used from Python 3.
ruby extension for escaping text
fast_xs escapes text so it can be embedded more directly into XML and HTML without having to deal with character set issues.