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Development file for pacemaker's cib library
Sorry - no description available.
Extensions to test Tornado apps under pyvows
This project contains extensions to test Tornado apps under pyVows.
GNOME Display Manager
GDM provides the equivalent of a "login:" prompt for X displays: it asks for a login and starts graphical sessions. . It supports multiple seats and switching between multiple users. . The greeter is based on the GNOME libraries and applications, and its look and design are the same as those of a GNOME session.
MAAS python API client
Sorry - no description available.
Open Inventor demonstration programs and example code
This package includes several Open Inventor demos: a scene viewer (SceneViewer), a scene graph viewer and editor (gview), a maze game (maze), an extrusion editor (noodle), a 3D morphing tool (qmorf), a surface of revolution editor (revo), among others. . This package also contains example code, including the examples from the books "The Inventor Mentor", and "The Inventor Toolmaker". . Open Inventor is an object-oriented 3D toolkit offering a comprehensive solution to interactive graphics programming problems. It presents a programming model based on a 3D scene database that simplifies graphics programming. It includes a large set of objects such as cubes, polygons, text, materials, cameras, lights, trackballs, handle boxes, 3D viewers, and editors can speed up your programming and extend your 3D program's capabilities.
Extension for Nautilus to do administrative operations
Nautilus Admin is a simple Python extension for the Nautilus file manager that adds some administrative actions to the right-click menu: . * Open as Administrator: opens a folder in a new Nautilus window running with administrator (root) privileges. * Edit as Administrator: opens a file in a Gedit window running with administrator (root) privileges. * Run as Administrator: runs an executable file with administrator (root) privileges inside a GNOME Terminal.