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GCJ byte code and native compiler for Java(TM)
GCJ is a front end to the GCC compiler which can natively compile both Java(tm) source and bytecode files. The compiler can also generate class files.
Advanced MATE menu
An advanced menu for MATE. Supports filtering, favorites, easy-uninstallation, autosession, and many other features. . This menu originated in the Linux Mint distribution and has been ported to other distros that ship the MATE Desktop Environment.
Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Invoice Line Standalone Module)
Tryton is a high-level general purpose application platform. It is the base of a complete business solution as well as a comprehensive health and hospital information system (GNUHealth). . This module adds the possibility to change the behaviour of purchase orders to create standalone invoice lines instead of a complete invoice. This allows one to compose invoices with lines originating from different purchases.
Ruby library to grab given IO output and return it as a string
Provides Capture.output, Capture.stdout and Capture.stderr methods that can be used to grab output generated by current or spawned process. . This is useful for testing when you need to start a process and check its output or when you need to check current process output.
Full-text search engine library for Java(TM)
Lucene is a full-text search engine for the Java(TM) programming language. Lucene is not a complete application, but rather a code library and API that can easily be used to add search capabilities to applications.
GNU Objective-C++ compiler
This is the GNU Objective-C++ compiler, which compiles Objective-C++ on platforms supported by the gcc compiler. It uses the gcc backend to generate optimized code.