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collection of powerful tools for manipulating EPROM load files
The srecord package is a collection of powerful tools for manipulating EPROM load files. It reads and writes numerous EPROM file formats, and can perform many different manipulations. . The tools include: * The srec_cat program may be used to catenate (join) EPROM load files, or portions of EPROM load files, together. Because it understands all of the input and output formats, it can also be used to convert files from one format to another. It also understands filters. * The srec_cmp program may be used to compare EPROM load files, or portions of EPROM load files, for equality. * The srec_info program may be used to print summary information about EPROM load files.
The super sed stream editor
Super sed reads the specified files or the standard input if no files are specified, makes editing changes according to a list of commands, and writes the results to the standard output. . Super sed is an enhanced version of GNU sed 3.02. Relative to 3.02, there are several new features (including in-place editing of files, extended regular expression syntax and a few new commands) and some bug fixes.
Shell Scripts Frontend Tool
Shell function library useful to build shell script frontends. . The library defines a set of functions to display messages and read values from the user on X (using zenity or kdialog) or console (using dialog or plain text) and has been designed to be used by sourcing the library code from other scripts. . The library supports L10N if is installed.
Non-interactive ssh password authentication
SSH's (secure shell) most common authentication mode is called "interactive keyboard password authentication", so called both because it is typically done via keyboard, and because openssh takes active measures to make sure that the password is, indeed, typed interactively by the keyboard. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to fool ssh into accepting an interactive password non-interactively. This is where sshpass comes in. . SECURITY NOTE: There is a reason openssh insists that passwords be typed interactively. Passwords are harder to store securely and to pass around securely between programs. If you have not looked into solving your needs using SSH's "public key authentication", perhaps in conjunction with the ssh agent (RTFM ssh-add), please do so before being tempted into using this package.
simple debconf wrapper for OpenSSL
This package enables unattended installs of packages that need to create SSL certificates. . It is a simple wrapper for OpenSSL's certificate request utility that feeds it with the correct user variables.
Plugins of tDiary to add functionalities
This package includes optional utilities and plugins for tDiary. They are valuable but not so useful for general users. Some can not be completely internationalized.