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Traditional Chinese language pack for Thunderbird
Sorry - no description available.
Python bindings for qpid/mlib
Qpid/C++ is a C++ implementation of the AMQP protocol described at . This package contains the qpid python bindings.
Simple Emacs-Perl InterAction
Sepia is a set of features to make Emacs a better tool for Perl development, including: . * an interactive prompt (REPL) for evaluating code; * cross-referencing to find and navigate between function and variable definitions and uses; * variable- and function-name completion. * eldoc support to echo function arguments in the minibuffer * functions to simplify POD browsing with Emacs-w3m
Platform for discrete element modeling. Debug build
Sorry - no description available.
neural network architecture for profisis
Profnet is a component of the prediction methods that make up the Predict Protein service by the lab of Burkhard Rost. It provides the neural network component to a variety of predictors that perform protein feature prediction directly from sequence. This neural network implementation has to be compiled for every different network architecture. . This package contains the neural network architecture for profisis.
PNG library - runtime
Sorry - no description available.