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Cache-based rate-limiting for Django
Django Ratelimit provides a decorator to rate-limit views. Limiting can be based on IP address or a field in the request--either a GET or POST variable.
ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBCommon
Sorry - no description available.
OSS to Alsa compatibility library
Sorry - no description available.
ini-file format handling supporting schemas and inheritance
The LAZR config system is typically used to manage process configuration. Process configuration is for saying how things change when we run systems on different machines, or under different circumstances. . This system uses ini-like file format of section, keys, and values. The config file supports inheritance to minimize duplication of information across files. The format supports schema validation. . This is the Python 3 version.
Manx Gaelic dictionary for myspell
This is the Manx Gaelic dictionary for use with the myspell spellchecker which is currently used within and the mozilla spellchecker.
module for applying Moose roles to a related class
Frequently, you have to use a class that provides some foo_class accessor or attribute as a method of dependency injection. Use MooseX::RelatedClassRoles when you'd rather apply roles to make your custom foo_class instead of manually setting up a subclass.