Simple GTK3 color selector and picker


Simple GTK3 color selector and picker

Gcolor3 is a simple GTK3 color selector to provide a quick and easy way to find colors for whatever task is at hand. Colors can be saved and deleted as well.
WiFi-QR Favorite from Menu


WiFi Share and Connect with QR

Xiaomi Android phones has started using QR to use WiFi for sharing. The idea was to get started with Bash, from Android to PC or PC to Mobile, and use Interface for zenity, QR for zbar and qrencode, and nmcli from Network-Manager for Network. For security, you can use WPA, WPA2, WEP, Open and share with the Hidden Network. QR code does not support LDAP Network and VPN. Android can easily generate WiFi QR, but iOS isn't quite so sure.
Utility for analysis of audio mpeg files


Utility for analysis of audio mpeg files

Prints out many details about the mpeg audio stream. Supported streams are mpeg 1, mpeg 2 and unofficial mpeg 2.5 - layers I, II & III.
faultstat -t (top mode)


page fault monitoring tool

Faultstat reports the page fault activity of processes running on a system. The tool supports a 'top' like mode to dynamically display the top page faulting processes.
growlight 1.2.7 creating a new partition


Disk manipulation and system preparation tool

Growlight can manipulate both real and virtual (mdadm, device-mapper, and LVM) disks, find bottlenecks in a storage setup, create partitions and filesystems, and prepare fstab files for new installations.
LazPaint Layer and Colors


Image editor with raster and vector layers (qt5)

Can read layered files (lzp, ora, pdn, oXo, flat psd), multi-images (gif, ico, tiff), flat files (bmp, jpeg, pcx, png, tga, webp, xpm, xwd), raw images (dng, cr2, nef, arw...), vectorial (svg), 3D (obj). Has drawing tools, vector shapes, phong shading, curve adjustments, filters, render some textures, Python scripting. Uses Qt5 widgetset.