plugin for the ReportLab PDF Toolkit.

This is a plugin for the ReportLab PDF Toolkit. which constructs rich PDF documents, and also creation of charts in a variety of bitmap and vector formats.


Next generation ConTeXt processing engine

The LuaMetaTeX program is a light weight variant of LuaTeX. This program finds its origin in parts of TeX (the original program, eTeX (some extensions), pdfTeX (more extensions) Aleph (based on Omega, directions) and of course LuaTeX (lots of things).


plugin for OBS Studio that displays current date and time

This plugin provides a source that displays current date and time. It is possible to configure the time format, text font, background and text colors and outline in source properties.


weblog manager - twentytwentyfour theme files

WordPress is a full featured web blogging tool: * Instant publishing (no rebuilding) * Comment pingback support with spam protection * Non-crufty URLs * Themable * Plugin support This package contains WordPress twentytwentyfour theme files NOTE: This theme requires access to public CDNs for use of some font or CSS filesfour


contains the ReportLab accelerator module

rl_renderPM is a package containing the ReportLab accelerator module _renderPM which can be used to speedup the functions.


Display images in the terminal with Python term-image is a

library and program to display images on compatible terminals.