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Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, debugging libraries
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Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, IR interpreter
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platform game with high doses of mystery
A great mystery is hidden beyond the walls of Holotz's Castle. Will you be able to help Ybelle and Ludar to escape alive from the castle? Test your dexterity with this tremendously exciting platform game!
Perl enhancement to Carp error logging facilities
Carp::Clan is a Perl module designed to report errors from the perspective of the caller of a "clan" of modules, similar to "Carp" itself. Instead of giving it a number of levels to skip on the calling stack, you give it a pattern to characterize the package names of the "clan" of modules which shall never be blamed for any error. . These modules stick together like a "clan" and any error which occurs will be blamed on the "outsider" script or modules not belonging to this clan.
lightweight single-sign-on authentication module for Apache
mod_auth_tkt is a lightweight single-sign-on authentication module for Apache. It uses secure cookie-based tickets to implement a single-signon framework that works across multiple Apache instances and servers. . mod_auth_tkt itself is completely repository-agnostic, as the actual authentication is done by a user-supplied CGI or script in your language of choice (examples are provided in Perl, with contrib libraries for use with Python and PHP). This allows authentication against virtually any kind of user repository you can imagine (password files, ldap directories, databases, etc.)
fast, conduit-based CSV parser library; profiling libraries
csv-conduit is a library that provides . * Full flexibility in quote characters, separators, input/output * Constant space operation * Robust parsing, correctness and error resiliency * Convenient interface that supports a variety of use cases * Fast operation . This package provides a library for the Haskell programming language, compiled for profiling. See for more information on Haskell.