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Open Container Project - runtime
"runc" is a command line client for running applications packaged according to the Open Container Format (OCF) and is a compliant implementation of the Open Container Project specification.
Oglappth Library
Sorry - no description available.
short nucleotide read sequence utils in Python 3
Screed parses FASTA and FASTQ files, generates databases, and lets you query these databases. Values such as sequence name, sequence description, sequence quality, and the sequence itself can be retrieved from these databases. . This is the Python 3 version.
Prometheus command line interface
A command line interface tool for querying the Prometheus server's HTTP API
Ubuntu Packaging Guide - HTML guide - Spanish version
The Ubuntu Packaging Guide is a set of articles that should help you to get involved with packaging and development of Ubuntu. It's not meant to replace other great documentation like the Debian New Maintainer's Guide or the Debian policy, but serve as a starting point with easy and simple to understand articles. . This package contains the HTML version of the guide. . This is the Spanish version.
reporter of changes in list of available packages from repositories
Daptup is the apt hook which runs automatically within 'apt-get update' or 'cupt update' and outputs four lists: - packages came to archive with this update; - new upgradeable packages; - changes in "watched" packages (not installed, such packages have to be specified in configuration file); - outdated packages that have a new install candidate (optionally).