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addin collection of Ngraph-gtk
Ngraph is the program to create scientific 2-dimensional graphs for researchers and engineers. This program can create advanced graphs which can't be created by spreadsheets. Graphs can be exported to postscript. . This package contains the following addins: . * append: append a NGP-file without clearing the present graph * fft: Fast Fourier Transform * legend: generate a legend box * cal: show calendar in the information window * math: calculator * text-in: insert a column as legend-text * calc: assist plotting a mathematical function. * fitrslt: generate a legend box * timer: countdown timer
Bluetooth module for PulseAudio sound server (debugging symbols)
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Java servlet engine and webserver
Jetty is an Open Source HTTP Servlet Server written in 100% Java. It is designed to be light weight, high performance, embeddable, extensible and flexible, thus making it an ideal platform for serving dynamic HTTP requests from any Java application.
perl bindings for the Qt Help library
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Ruby library to handle email generation, parsing and sending
The purpose of this library is to provide a single point of access to handle all email functions, including sending and receiving emails. All network type actions are done through proxy methods to Net::SMTP, Net::POP3 etc. . Built from experience with TMail, it is designed to be a pure ruby implementation that makes generating, sending and parsing emails a no brainer. . Finally, Mail has been designed with a very simple object oriented system that really opens up the email messages you are parsing, if you know what you are doing, you can fiddle with every last bit of your email directly.
Additional courses for Extreme Tux Racer
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