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GTK-based psk31
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GStreamer libcanberra backend detached debugging symbols
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GPS data graphical manager
GPS Manager (GPSMan) is a graphical manager of GPS data that makes possible the preparation, inspection and edition of GPS data in a friendly environment. GPSMan supports communication and real-time logging with both Garmin and Lowrance receivers and accepts real-time logging information in NMEA 0183 from any GPS receiver.
OpenVPN RADIUS authentication module
A plugin for OpenVPN 2.x that implements authentication of users against a RADIUS server. It features: * RADIUS authentication and accounting support for OpenVPN * analysis of RADIUS attributes: o framed ip address o framed routes o acct interim interval o vendor specific attributes by additional scripts
XY graphing and plotting tool
Grace is a point-and-click tool that allows the user to draw X-Y plots. This is the program formerly known as Xmgr. . A few of its features are: User defined scaling, tick marks, labels, symbols, line styles, colors, polynomial regression, splines, running averages, DFT/FFT, cross/auto-correlation, batch mode for unattended plotting, and hardcopy support for PostScript, FrameMaker and several image formats.
utility functions dealing with signals for Perl
This Perl module contains utility functions for dealing with signals. Currently these are just translating between signal names and signal numbers and vice versa.