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GNOME translation updates for language Slovenian
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Cryptographic identity validation agent (Perl implementation)
The Monkeysphere Validation Agent offers a local service for tools to validate certificates (both X.509 and OpenPGP) and other public keys. . This package contains a perl implementation of a Monkeysphere Validation Agent.
transitional dummy package
This package is a dummy transitional package. It can be safely removed.
Displaying the graphical console of a virtual machine
The console is accessed using the VNC protocol. The guest can be referred to based on its name, ID, or UUID. If the guest is not already running, then the viewer can be told to wait until is starts before attempting to connect to the console The viewer can connect to remote hosts to lookup the console information and then also connect to the remote console using the same network transport.
graphical localisation editor and multi-format translation tool
Virtaal is a graphical localisation editor that is designed to offer the translator an uncluttered interface for translating text. Virtaal supports a wide variety of common formats including PO and XLIFF files (and everything else that the translate-toolkit package supports).
Metapackage for zope.component zcml extra
The core of the Zope Component Architecture. Together with the zope.interface package, it provides facilities for defining, registering and looking up components. . This package provides support for registering components with the ZCML (Zope Configuration Mark-up Language).