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Component Metadata Maven plugin for Plexus
The Plexus project provides a full software stack for creating and executing software projects. Based on the Plexus container, the applications can utilise component-oriented programming to build modular, reusable components that can easily be assembled and reused. . This package provides the Maven plugin generating the component metadata.
Java libraries providing OSGi lookup support for Geronimo projects
These Java libraries allow the use of OSGi framework with Geronimo existing projects. They allow lookup and registration of components. . - geronimo-osgi-locator.jar: Allow performing class and components lookups with OSGi support. . - geronimo-osgi-registry.jar: Facilitate the use of Geronimo specs providers (components typically plugged in to the JRE through META-INF/services resources) like geronimo-validation-1.0-spec (Geronimo JSR-303 Bean Validation Spec API). . The service created by this library will maintain a registry of factory class that can be used by the spec bundles to locate factory classes that reside in other bundles.
Java library for accessing XML by binding it to Java types - tools
XMLBeans is a technology for accessing XML by binding it to Java types. . XMLBeans provides several ways to get at the XML, including: * Through XML schema that has been compiled to generate Java types that represent schema types. In this way, you can access instances of the schema through JavaBeans-style accessors after the fashion of "getFoo" and "setFoo". The XMLBeans API also allows you to reflect into the XML schema itself through an XML Schema Object model. * A cursor model through which you can traverse the full XML infoset. * Support for XML DOM. . This package provide some command-line tools: * dumpxsb: XSB File Dumper * inst2xsd: Instance to Schema Tool * scomp: Schema Compiler * sdownload: Schema Downloader * sfactor: Schema Factoring Tool * svalidate: Streaming Instance Validator * xsdvalidate: Instance Validator * xpretty: XML Pretty Printer * xsd2inst: Schema to Instance Tool * xsdtree: Schema Type Hierarchy Printer * xstc: Invoke XSTC
FreeHEP SWF (Flash) Driver
The GraphicsIO library offers a base interface for image exporters in many vector or bitmap image formats. It features direct support for GIF, PNG, PPM and RAW formats, as well as the ability to manage TrueType fonts. Support for other file types can be added with plugins. . This package contains a GraphicsIO plugin to export to SWF (Flash) format. . FreeHEP is a collection of Java libraries used in High Energy Physics.
SHR daemon for interaction
This package contributes to the SHR mobile phone suite. It offers SHR's phonefsod, which is the communication platform between phoneuid and FSO's services. The latter performs the communication with the hardware, while this phonefsod handles the FSO's events and displays messages with phoneuid.
Erlang/OTP IDL compiler (Java classes)
The IC application is an Erlang implementation of an IDL (CORBA Interface Definition Language) compiler. Depending on the choice of back-end the code will map to Erlang, C, or Java. The compiler generates client stubs and server skeletons. . This package includes classes for Java-Erlang communication.