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ARC cache index - index server
NorduGrid is a collaboration aiming at development, maintenance and support of the free Grid middleware, known as the Advanced Resource Connector (ARC). . Index server component of the ARC Cache Index (ACIX), usually installed independently of any A-REX installation. This component pulls cache content from cache servers and can be queried by clients for the location of cached files.
module for creating context-sensitive return values
Contextual::Return provides a collection of named blocks that allow a return statement to return different values depending on the context in which it's called.
collection of useful extensions to the Sinatra web framework
sinatra-contrib is a collection of common extensions to the Sinatra web framework, semi-officially supported: - capture: Let's you capture the content of blocks in templates. - config_file: Allows loading configuration from yaml files. - content_for: Adds Rails-style content_for helpers to Haml, Erb, Erubis and Slim. - cookies: A cookies helper for reading and writing cookies. - engine_tracking: Adds methods like haml? that allow helper methods to check whether they are called from within a template. - json: Adds a #json helper method to return JSON documents. - link_header: Helpers for generating link HTML tags and corresponding Link HTTP headers. Adds link, stylesheet and prefetch helper methods. - multi_route: Adds ability to define one route block for multiple routes and multiple or custom HTTP verbs. - namespace: Adds namespace support to Sinatra. - respond_with: Choose action and/or template automatically depending on the incoming request. Adds helpers respond_to and respond_with. - custom_logger: Allows one to define their own logger instance. - decompile: Recreates path patterns from Sinatra's internal data structures (used by other extensions). - reloader: Automatically reloads Ruby files on code changes. - extension: Mixin for writing your own Sinatra extensions. - test_helpers: Helper methods to ease testing your Sinatra application. Partly extracted from Sinatra. Testing framework agnostic.
Personal Information Management apps for mobile environments
This metapackage includes a collection of official KDE Personal Information Management (PIM) applications which have been designed for use in the mobile environments. Their feature set and user interface focus on convenience and ease of use with touchscreen and potentially small size displays.
Ruby interface of netCDF library
RubyNetCDF is a Ruby interface of netCDF library built on the NArray library, which is an efficient multi-dimensional numeric array class for Ruby.
Spanish; Castilian language pack for Firefox
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