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Minetest mod providing a framework for creating mobs
Minetest modification pack constituting a complete framework to add mobs to the game. . Several predefined mobs are also provided, some of them being hostile (Vombies, Dungeon masters, Big Red, Boom bomb, Slime, Oerkki, Wolf) while others are friendly (Chicken, Sheep, Cow, Deer, Rat, Blue White Fish, Gull, Clownfish, Ostrich). You can sheer sheeps, milk cows, collect chicken eggs, tame wolves and ride oerkkis. . Finally, you can trade goods with the trader and even hire archers and guards to fight for you.
set and get deep objects easily - library for browsers
getobject allows you to easily get and set deep objects. It also allows you to check if deep objects exist. . This package contains the library for browsers.
JavaMail API Reference Implementation
The JavaMail API provides a platform-independent and protocol-independent framework to build mail and messaging applications. . This is the reference implementation of the JavaMail API. It supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP (including Gmail features) and Delivery Status Notifications parsing.
Common Lisp interface to the github V3 API
This library implements a thin wrapper around github's V3 API. At this point, it is incomplete and only defines CL functions for listing and creating repositories.
String interpolation for Common Lisp
CL-INTERPOL is a library for Common Lisp which modifies the reader so that you can have interpolation within strings similar to Perl or Unix Shell scripts. It also provides various ways to insert arbitrary characters into literal strings even if your editor/IDE doesn't support them.