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GNOME Display Manager
GDM provides the equivalent of a "login:" prompt for X displays: it asks for a login and starts graphical sessions. . It supports multiple seats and switching between multiple users. . The greeter is based on the GNOME libraries and applications, and its look and design are the same as those of a GNOME session.
XView contrib programs
This package contains the contrib programs from the free XView distribution, including their source code. They are intended mainly as examples for writing your own XView-programs.
twitter library for Qt4
Sorry - no description available.
prompt string formatter
Env::PS1 supplies variables that are "tied" to environment variables like 'PS1' and 'PS2', if read it takes the contents of the variable as a format string like the ones bash(1) uses to format the prompt. . It is intended to be used in combination with the various ReadLine packages.
MAAS python API client
Sorry - no description available.
Unity Webapp for YouTube
Sorry - no description available.