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Python User Folders Specification Library
A library for handling the XDG Base Directory specification, and the XDG User Directories for music, videos, etc… . This package contains the Python 2.x version of the library.
Simple and fast GTK2 sound editor
mhWaveEdit is a graphical program for editing sound files. It is intended to be user-friendly and robust. It does not require a fast computer. . Supports JACK, ALSA, OSS and PulseAudio.
really small HTTP server
A very small HTTP server implemented in 150 lines of code. Program can be used to serve HTTPS by wrapping it with stunnel. It implements all the basic features of an HTTP server, including: . * Security against ".." filename snooping * The common MIME types * Trailing-slash redirection * index.html * Directory listings
instant messenger and IRC client for UNIX systems - GnuPG
EKG2 is an open source instant messenger program for UNIX systems. The program has a plugin-based structure, and supports multiple protocols, currently Jabber, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, IRC, RivChat, PolChat, NNTP and RSS. . This package contains the plugin which uses GnuPG to provide encrypted communication.
crypttoken plugin to libgwenhywfar
libchipcard provides an API for accessing smartcards. Examples are memory cards, as well as HBCI (home banking), German GeldKarte (electronic small change), and KVK (health insurance) cards. . This package contains plugins to gwenhywfar providing cryptographic services via smartcards.
MAAS server all-in-one metapackage
Sorry - no description available.