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core library for the Unity interface
Sorry - no description available.
strongSwan plugin for forwarding DHCP request to a server
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Java implementation of the ZeroMQ messaging library
JeroMQ is pure Java implementation of the ZeroMQ messaging library (libmzq). Compared to jzmq (libzmq-java) this implementation doesn't rely on a native library. . JeroMQ support ZMTP/2.0, the tcp:// and inproc:// protocols. ipc:// protocol works only between jeromq. The API is compatible with jzmq.
Django plugin for py.test.
Running your test suite with pytest-django allows you to access features of pytest that wouldn't normally be available with the Django’s test command. . This package contains the python 3 version.
Apertium translation data for the Esperanto-Catalan pair
Data package providing Apertium language resources for translating between the Esperanto and Catalan languages.
Qt Mobility Connectivity QML plugin
Sorry - no description available.