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bridge hand generator
This program generates bridge hands for partnerships bidding training or for generating statistics that can be used to design conventions, or win postmortems. Dealer has been used in many bridge publications. . . Bridge is an intellectually challenging card game for four players. The "deal" package provides a similar generator programmable in Tcl.
Emacs-Lisp Code for handling compressed and encrypted files
Code for handling all sorts of compressed and encrypted files like: .gz, .tar.gz, .Z, .zip, PGP etc.
tool to handle Debian package archives
This tool can sort packages into a directory structure that apt-get and similar tools can use as an installation source (arranged in an old-style simple repository layout without package pools). It is meant to be used by administrators who need special packages, or tweaked versions to ease administration. . Package files placed in debarchiver's incoming directory along with the corresponding generated ".changes" file will be sorted by a cronjob into the appropriate directory of the repository.
Debian Auxiliary Programs
This package contains Perl programs and modules to build and publish Debian packages. . debaux-build automatically downloads APT sources before building, applies patches and additional sources. It has options to build the packages in an existing chroot environment, check the generated packages with lintian, install the created packages on your local system or turn them into RPM packages. . debaux-build has experimental support for downloading Perl modules from CPAN and creating the necessary Debian packaging files. . debaux-publish uploads packages and runs the scripts to create the APT sources and packages files on the remote system. debaux-publish doesn't support the pool structure yet.
Summarize differences in a CVS repository
cvsdelta summarizes the difference between a CVS project and its local version. It detects files that have been added and removed, and of existing files it counts the number of lines that have been added, deleted, and changed. It filters project changes by using .cvsignore files, both system-wide and locally.
Debian partial mirror script, with ftp and package pool support
This program downloads and maintains a partial local Debian mirror. It can mirror any combination of architectures, distributions and sections. Files are transferred by ftp, http, hftp or rsync, and package pools are fully supported. It also does locking and updates trace files.