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collection of utilities for WSGI applications (Python 3.x)
The Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) is a standard interface between web server software and web applications written in Python. . Werkzeug is a lightweight library for interfacing with WSGI. It features request and response objects, an interactive debugging system and a powerful URI dispatcher. Combine with your choice of third party libraries and middleware to easily create a custom application framework. . This package contains the Python 3.x module.
printed circuit board (pcb) design program - GTK+ interface
PCB is an interactive printed circuit board editor for the X11 window system. PCB includes a rats nest feature, design rule checking, and can provide industry standard RS-274-X (Gerber), NC drill, and centroid data (X-Y data) output for use in the board fabrication and assembly process. PCB offers high end features such as an autorouter and trace optimizer which can tremendously reduce layout time. . This package contains the GTK+ user-interface for pcb.
common Java interface for various compilers - Eclipse JDT
Commons JCI is a common Java compiler interface for various compilers. . It can be used to either compile Java (or any other language that can be compiled to Java classes like e.g. Groovy or Javascript) to Java. . It is integrated with a Java FAM (Filesystem Alteration Monitor) that can be used with JCI compiling/reloading classloader. . This package contains Eclipse JDT compiler module of Commons JCI.
generic Apache request library - Perl modules
The generic Apache request library (APR) contains modules for manipulating client request data with the Apache API from Perl and C. Functionality includes: . - parsing of application/x-www-form-urlencoded data - parsing of multipart/form-data - parsing of HTTP Cookies . This package contains the Perl bindings, which are simply a thin XS layer on top of libapreq, making them a lighter and faster alternative to and CGI::Cookie.
Perl module for Polygon clipping in 2D
Math::Clipper is a C++ (and Delphi) library that implements polygon clipping. A Polygon is represented by a reference to an array of 2D points. A Point is, in turn, represented by a reference to an array containing two numbers: The X and Y coordinates. . Clipper 4.x works with polygons with integer coordinates. Data in floating point format will need to be scaled appropriately to be converted to the available integer range before polygons are added to a clipper object. (Scaling utilities are provided.)
Remote certificate distribution framework
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