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GObject introspection data for the GCK library
This package contains introspection data for GCK, a wrapper based on GLib implementing the PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) interface. . It can be used by interpreters understanding the GIRepository format to write programs using the GCK library.
Build Helper Maven Plugin
This plugin contains various small independent goals to assist with Maven build lifecycle. . For example: attach some directory as new source folder, extract maven current version, parse and resolve a version property or reserve a random network port.
OCaml indentation tool for emacs and vim - libraries
ocp-indent is a command-line tool that allows one to indent a whole OCaml source code file (or parts of it) either to standard output or in-place. A configuration file allows user defaults as well as per-project parameters. The ratio of correctly indented lines is comparable with emacs tuareg mode while being an order of magnitude faster. . This package includes the shared libraries.
Angular JS XStatic support - Python 2.x
XStatic is a packaging standard to package external (often 3rd party) static files as a Python package, so they are easily usable on all operating systems, with any package management system or even without one. . Many Python projects need to use some specific data files, like javascript, css, java applets, images, etc. Sometimes these files belong to YOUR project (then you may want to package them separately, but you could also just put them into your main package). But in many other cases, those files are maintained by someone else (like jQuery javascript library or even much bigger js libraries or applications) and you definitely do not really want to merge them into your project. So, you want to have static file packages, but you don’t want to get lots of stuff you do not want. Thus, stuff required by XStatic file packages (especially the main, toplevel XStatic package) tries to obey to be a MINIMAL, no-fat thing. XStatic doesn't "sell" any web framework or other stuff you don't want. Maybe there will be optional XStatic extensions for all sorts of stuff, but they won't be required if you just want the files. . By having static files in packages, it is also easier to build virtual envs, support linux/bsd/... distribution package maintainers and even windows installs using the same mechanism. . This package provides Angular JS support as a Python 2.x module.
Straightforward implementation of DBM - Python 3 bindings
Kyoto Cabinet is a library of routines for managing a database. The database is a simple data file containing records, each is a pair of a key and a value. Every key and value is serial bytes with variable length. Both binary data and character string can be used as a key and a value. Each key must be unique within a database. There is neither concept of data tables nor data types. Records are organized in hash table or B+ tree. . This package provides a Python 3 interface to Kyoto Cabinet.
Package Discovery and Resource Access using pkg_resources
The pkg_resources module provides an API for Python libraries to access their resource files, and for extensible applications and frameworks to automatically discover plugins. It also provides runtime support for using C extensions that are inside zipfile-format eggs, support for merging packages that have separately-distributed modules or subpackages, and APIs for managing Python's current "working set" of active packages.