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NEWT module for Python3
This module allows you to built a text UI for your Python3 scripts using newt.
Documentation for the GNU Fortran compiler (gfortran)
Sorry - no description available.
Java bytecode manipulation framework
It can be used to dynamically generate stub classes or other proxy classes, directly in binary form, or to dynamically modify classes at load time, i.e., just before they are loaded into the Java Virtual Machine. . ASM offers similar functionalities as BCEL or SERP, but is much smaller (25KB instead of 350KB for BCEL and 150KB for SERP) and faster than these tools (the overhead of a load time class transformation is on the order of 60% with ASM, 700% or more with BCEL, and 1100% or more with SERP). ASM was designed to be used in a dynamic and static way and was therefore designed and implemented to be as small and as fast as possible.
GNU C++ compiler (multilib support)
Sorry - no description available.
Process monitoring daemon
A bug or malicious attacks to machine can lock up a process, leading to a deadlock or an unexpected condition. For example: an Apache httpd with mod_(php|perl|lua|your_preferred_script_language) running a bad script. When the monitored process locks up, the watchcat helps killing him. It is the best thing to do.
Python 3 library to handle problem reports
Sorry - no description available.