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HTTP dispatch library for cl-aserve
Webactions is Franz's library for dispatching HTTP requests as well as processing HTML templates. It uses the cl-aserve package.
Miller Rabin algorithm for primality test
Sorry - no description available.
tool for recognizing top-posted e-mail and usenet replies
Fullquottel performs several tests to determine if a message is written in the top-post style (a.k.a. "TOFU" or jeopardy-style quoting) - the full response above and a full quote of the original message below. . Each test is customizable and has an associated score. Fullquottel returns the total score for the message in several forms which are useful e.g. for sorting e-mail.
simple relay-only mail transport agent
Nullmailer is a replacement MTA for hosts, which relay to a fixed set of smart relays. It is designed to be simple to configure and especially useful on slave machines and in chroots.
TeX Live: transitional dummy package
This is a transitional package for luasseq to ensure proper upgrade to texlive-luatex. It can be safely removed after the installation is complete.
syntax highlighting for HAProxy configuration files
The vim-haproxy package provides filetype detection and syntax highlighting for HAProxy configuration files. . As per the Debian vim policy, installed addons are not activated automatically, but the "vim-addon-manager" tool can be used for this purpose.