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debhelper add-on to handle PHP PECL extensions
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Perl extension for the C math library, libm
Math::Libm is a translation of the C math.h file. It exports a number of mathematical constants, like pi and e, and functions such as floor(), log10() or tan().
office productivity suite -- Oxygen symbol style
LibreOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite that provides a near drop-in replacement for Microsoft(R) Office. . This package contains the "oxygen" symbol style, default style for KDE 4.
TeX Live: transitional dummy package
Support for Indic scripts. . This package includes the following CTAN packages: . bangtex -- Writing Bangla and Assamese with LaTeX . bengali -- Support for the Bengali language . burmese -- Basic Support for Writing Burmese . ebong -- Utility for writing Bengali in Rapid Roman Format . hyphen-indic -- Indic hyphenation patterns. . hyphen-sanskrit -- Sanskrit hyphenation patterns. . sanskrit -- Sanskrit support . sanskrit-t1 -- Type 1 version of 'skt' fonts for Sanskrit . velthuis -- Typeset Devanagari . wnri -- Ridgeway's fonts . wnri-latex -- LaTeX support for wnri fonts . xetex-devanagari -- XeTeX input map for Unicode Devanagari
SOCKS proxy support for LWP
LWP::Protocol::socks implements the SOCKS protocol for Perl WWW library. It provides the essential hooks into the LWP system to add the capability to setup a LWP::UserAgent to use a SOCKS proxy the same way as already possible for a HTTP proxy.
Zzzeek's Sphinx layout and utilities
This layout is first and foremost pulled in for the SQLAlchemy documentation builds (and possibly other related projects), but is also usable as a standalone theme / utility set for any project. . Features include: . * uses Mako templates instead of Jinja, for more programmatic capabilities inside of templates * layout includes an independently scrollable sidebar * unique (to Sphinx) “contextual” sidebar contents that shows the current page in context with all sibling pages * modifications to autodoc which illustrate inherited classes, bases, method documentation illustrates if a method is only inherited from the base or overridden * “dynamic base” feature that will, under ReadTheDocs, pull in optional .mako and .py files from the website of your choice that will serve as an alternate base template and a source of extra config setup, respectively, allowing the layout to be integrated into the layout of an external site when viewing on the web * “viewsource” extension that can provide highlighted sourcecode to any Python file arbitrarily * SQLAlchemy-specific stuff, like the [SQL] popups, the dialect info directives * scss support using pyscss