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portable network interface information - Python 2.x
netifaces provides a (hopefully portable-ish) way for Python programmers to get access to a list of the network interfaces on the local machine, and to obtain the addresses of those network interfaces. . This package contains the module for Python 2.x.
audio analysis and feature extraction plugins (SDK)
Vamp is an audio processing plugin system for plugins that extract descriptive information from audio data - typically referred to as audio analysis plugins or audio feature extraction plugins. . Just like an audio effects plugin (such as a VST), a Vamp plugin is a binary module that can be loaded up by a host application and fed audio data. However, unlike an effects plugin, a Vamp plugin outputs not processed audio but some sort of symbolic information. Typical things that a Vamp plugin might calculate include the locations of moments such as note onset times, visual representations of the audio such as histograms, or curve data such as power or fundamental frequency. . Hosts using Vamp plugins include Audacity and Sonic Visualiser. . This package contains C and C++ header files for developing Vamp plugins and hosts as well as source code of example plugins and a simple host.
Tool to recompress and modify the structure of a DVD
Vamps reduces the size of DVD compliant MPEG2 program streams by selectively copying audio and subpicture tracks and by resizing the embedded elementary video stream. The shrink factor may be either specified for the video elementary stream only or for the video ES only or for the full PS.
state of the art, high-performance web accelerator
Varnish Cache is a state of the art web accelerator written with performance and flexibility in mind. . Varnish Cache stores web pages in memory so web servers don't have to create the same web page over and over again. Varnish serves pages much faster than any application server; giving the website a significant speed up. . Some of the features include: * A modern design * VCL - a very flexible configuration language * Load balancing with health checking of backends * Partial support for ESI - Edge Side Includes * URL rewriting * Graceful handling of "dead" backends
bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK (daemon)
Deluge is a full-featured, multi-platform, multi-interface BitTorrent client using libtorrent-rasterbar in it's backend and featuring multiple user-interfaces: GTK+, web and console. . It has been designed using the client-server model with a daemon process that handles all the bittorrent activity. The Deluge daemon is able to run on headless machines with the user-interfaces being able to connect remotely from any platform. . You may want to install this package to run the daemon application on a remote server and connect to it from any user-interface. See: <URL:>
Erlang/OTP HiPE enabled virtual machine and base applications
This package contains the Erlang/OTP runtime implementation, which is configured and built with HiPE support (allows compiling to native code), and minimal set of Erlang applications: compiler - compiles Erlang code to byte-code; erts - the Erlang runtime system application; kernel - code necessary to run the Erlang runtime system itself; ose - code for Enea OSE operating system; sasl - the system architecture support libraries application; stdlib - modules for manipulating lists, strings, files etc.