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Typeface designed for source code, TrueType fonts
No frills. No gimmicks. Hack is hand groomed and optically balanced to be a workhorse face for code. . It has deep roots in the libre, open source typeface community and expands upon the contributions of the Bitstream Vera & DejaVu projects. The face has been re-designed with a larger glyph set, modifications of the original glyph shapes (including distinct point styles and semi-bold punctuation weight in the regular set to make analphabetic characters less transparent), and meticulous attention to metrics (including numerous spacing adjustments to improve the rhythm of the face and the legibility of code at small text sizes). The large x-height + wide aperture + low contrast design combined with PostScript hinting/hint replacement programs and a TrueType instruction set make it highly legible at commonly used source code text sizes with a sweet spot that runs in the 8px - 12px range on modern desktop and laptop monitors. . This package contains the TrueType fonts and it's the currently recommended version for screen display.
Swiss Army's knife of advanced CUPS administrators
Tea4CUPS is a CUPS backend wrapper which can capture print datas before they are sent to a printer and process, duplicate or dispatch them in a number of ways. . Tea4CUPS is the Swiss Army's knife of the advanced CUPS administrator, and can easily replace or extend most of the existing specialized CUPS backends (pdf, email, ftp, etc...). . You are greatly encouraged to use this software instead of writing your own CUPS backends: Tea4CUPS will let you plug your own scripts, filters, tools, or commands wherever you want, while giving them access to all the print job's characteristics in a consistent way. . Tea4CUPS makes all information about the current print job, in particular the job's datas and attributes, available to your own commands through environment variables. . The possibilities are endless: . - Your own commands can optionally decide to discard the current print job instead of printing it. - Send the same job to several printers at the same time, which is not possible with CUPS. - Automate the PDF archiving of all print jobs. - Forbid duplicate print jobs (a simple example is shown in the sample configuration file). - Easily create a print accounting solution.
A video codec for Mimic V2.x content
Sorry - no description available.
GNU C compiler (multilib support)
This is the GNU C compiler, a fairly portable optimizing compiler for C. . This is a dependency package, depending on development packages for the non-default multilib architecture(s).
support library providing __atomic built-in functions (32bit)
library providing __atomic built-in functions. When an atomic call cannot be turned into lock-free instructions, GCC will make calls into this library.
library for processing spreadsheet documents
Sorry - no description available.