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Hexagonal Ataxx clone
The goal of the game is to conquer as much of the board as possible. This is done by capturing the opponent’s pieces or by cloning your own. The board is a hexagon built from smaller hexagons. . Hexxagon is just like Ataxx apart from the board design; the Ataxx board is square and the Hexxagon board is hexagonal. Hexxagon also offers alternatives boards.
KDE Bluetooth stack
BlueDevil is a set of components which integrate Bluetooth in KDE. It contains: * A KDE Control Module (KCM) to configure all the Bluetooth-related options. * Integration with the KDE input/output system (KIO), which allows you to discover and explore Bluetooth devices from your favorite file browser. * A wizard to pair your devices and connect directly to services they offer, such as input (mouse, keyboard, Wiimote) and audio (headsets, phones). * A system tray application from where all BlueDevil actions can be done (disconnect devices, send files, configure, etc). * A daemon which listens to incoming requests, for example to receive files or to introduce a requested PIN.
VNC plugin for Remmina
Remmina is a remote desktop connection client able to display and control a remote desktop session. . This package contains the VNC plugin for Remmina.
Go compiler, based on the GCC backend
This is the GNU Go compiler, which compiles Go on platforms supported by the gcc compiler. It uses the gcc backend to generate optimized code. . This is a dependency package providing the default GNU Go compiler.
NSS module for using LDAP as a naming service
This package provides a Name Service Switch module that allows using an LDAP server to provide user account, group, host name, alias, netgroup, and basically any other information that would normally be retrieved from /etc flat files or NIS.
Laser show software for soundcard operation
LaserBoy can translate laser vector art into standard, 48KHz, 16 bit, multi channel RIFF WAVE file format and play those files with independent sample shifts between the channels for proper time alignment between the scanners and the color modulation devices (per color). Waves made with LaserBoy can be played from any surround sound card in any OS. LaserBoy can open its own generated wave files and convert them back into vector art. LaserBoy provides a full set of points optimization routines including distance spanning, corner dwelling and the ability to minimize total points distance by rearranging the order and direction of lit segments within a frame. With a DC modified 8 channel sound card and some outboard electronics, LaserBoy is currently outputting full motion, 16bit X, Y position, 24 bit RGB color projections at 48 thousand points per second. Creating waves of any integer sample rate is possible. 48KHz is only a limitation of the sound cards that are currently in use.