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Mythbuntu Configuration Application
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Code generator for Standard ML
ml-burg generates a Standard ML program to perform bottom-up rewriting of an input tree. Cost information associated with each rewrite rule is used to derive the minimum rewrite cost for the entire tree. A successful reduction corresponds to rewriting the input tree to a special non-terminal symbol called the "start" non-terminal. Upon successful reduction, facilities are provided to walk the tree emitting semantic actions corresponding to the rules that matched. . Install this package if you want to write a compiler in SML using a burg specification.
16-bit x86 C library and include files
This is the C library used to compile with bcc. It includes all the headers and static libraries needed to build 16-bit applications, for Linux/8086, Linux/i386 and DOS .COM executables.
GStreamer plugin to install codecs using QApt
QApt is a collection of tools and a library providing a wrapper around APT. The intention is to ease the use of APT in Qt-based programs. . This package provides a plugin for the GStreamer multimedia framework to search and to install audio and video codecs.
determining appropriate platform-specific directories (PyPy)
Depending on your system (Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows), you have to use different directories for storing user data. appdirs will help you choose an appropriate: . * user data directory (user_data_dir function) * user config directory (user_config_dir function) * user cache directory (user_cache_dir function) * site data directory (site_data_dir function) * site config directory (site_config_dir function) * user log directory (user_log_dir function) . On Linux systems, these function return directories based on the XDG Base Directory Specification. . This is the PyPy version of the package.
Returns a copy of an object with its keys sorted
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